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Why You Should Drink More Tea

As I lay in bed with my steaming hot cup of decaf Chai tea, I wonder… what makes tea so gosh darn good?! Hence, I decided to write this post. As you can see, I need very little inspiration to go on a senseless rant. Well, I’ve got news, and news is never sometimes senseless! Though this is not, I assure you. You ready for it?! DRINK. MORE. TEA! Drink more tea because it is actually good for you! With all the benefits it has, one cup a day can keep the doctor away. Forget about those silly apples! If you’re a coffee drinkers, I have no words for you! Maybe this post will help you leave the dark (roast) side behind! Pun intended. So sip on, serial sippers, sip on! *burns tip of tongue* You’re on to a beau-tea-ful way of life! Here’s just a few reasons why I continue to drink tea every day, besides the fact that its yummy of course….

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A little pick-me-up.

Many teas are known to boost energy and endurance. This is especially beneficial for workouts. So, sneak in a nice cup of tea before that 5 mile run! It’ll do you some good.


Gets it right. Gets it tight.

Some teas are good at helping you shed a few pounds. Oolong tea (try Teavana’s Spiced Mandarin Oolong Tea! It’s spicy and sweet, sooooo good!) assists in weight loss by boosting your metabolism, while yerba mate teas just fight fat cells in general. I admire yerba’s “straight-to-the-point” mentality!


Going Green!

Add tea to your list of all things green! Green tea has so many attributes, it’s kind of amazing. Green tea helps to protect your skin against harmful UV rays, which are known to cause skin cancers. It keeps you looking and feeling younger, as it works to minimize wrinkles and increase bone strength. It also is a great tea to help you stay in a good mood because it has natural satiety boosters. It’s the real green super food.


Flower power. I can digg it.

Saff-flower that is. Safflower tea drinkers have shown a decreased risk of developing heart problems. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as safflower tea, but I’m definitely going to try it now!!

There’s plenty of other health benefits, like heightened sex drive (ginseng tea), reduced inflammation (ginger tea), and increased digestive health (peppermint tea). I just couldn’t think of any more catchy title phrases…


And, I ran out of tea.


But by the looks of it, I’m well on my way to staying healthy despite my lack of creative juices, or teas, rather. Off to pour another cup! “Stay thirsty my friends!”


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This is proof that I’m 100% real, bonnet and all.


With Love, M&W.

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