This is the essential guide to having the BEST baby registry experience ever! All the stuff you need. None of the stuff you don’t. As a first-time mother of twins, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Here’s a download-able version of the registry list that I found to be the most helpful. (There’s a bonus for you in there too!) I’m going to go over the list in more detail throughout this post. Learn from me, ladies!!

This is the best. guide. EVER!!

The ULTIMATE checklist for a baby registry made by a twin mom. Plus free printable! | Mommie and Wee


First of all… Where should you have your registry?


1. Target. My number one choice for a registry is Target, hands down. They have absolutely everything you need, and some! Also, there’s Targets everywhere which makes it easy for family and friends who may not be nearby. They can purchase something to ship, or for you to pick up in-store.

Mommie Tip #1: Target also gives a gift bag to all registry openers. Go to your local Target and ask about it at the customer service desk. It has coupons and samples! Great way to save money in the future!


2. Babies-R-Us. They have a great registry for moms who want more-than-your-average-joe type of registry. They have techy items that I’ve never even heard of, a HUGE selection of high-end nursery furniture, and excellent customer service when shopping for your registry in-store. They also offer a V.I.B. program (Very Important Baby, pretty clever!) that racks up dollars for you to spend, kind of like a debit card.

Mommie Tip #2: Babies-R-Us also offers a gift bag to registrants. Go to the customer service desk and ask about it! Yay coupons and free stuff!


3. Burlington Coat Factory. Yes, Burlington. I didn’t know they did baby registries either. But, they do! And they do them well! They have most of the things that Target has, but cheaper! AND, they have a double discount program. If you purchase two of the same item, you get a 10% discount! (That’s for all you twin mom’s out there!)


Now that you’ve signed up… What should you add to your registry?


1. Nursery Items. All the essentials here… crib and it’s accessories. If you have room, a changing table and dresser are great to have!

Mommie Tip #3: Make sure your crib bedding set does NOT include a bumper. If it does, please do not use it.No matter how cute it is.

Bumpers, extra pillows, stuffed animals, even blankets have been linked to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when placed in cribs with newborns. So NO BUMPERS! I’m surprised they haven’t stopped selling them… but that’s a whole ‘nother story.


2. Feeding essentials. Get all the obvious stuff. You can skip the different bottle sterilizers on the market now-a-days. Just run those bad boys through the dishwasher (extra hot water!!) and that will do just fine. If you plan to breast feed, get a pump that is automatic, with two nipples. Also, BUY FORMULA! Even if you plan on solely breast feeding, get a container or two. You never know if you’ll need it. I planned to breast feed, and that went out the window within weeks. So much for that…

Mommie Tip #4: Check with your insurance company before buying a pump. Most companies have pregnancy programs which include breast pumps for qualified members. (I’m all about saving money!!!)

If you plan to formula feed, join the memberships that Similac and Enfamil offer. They send you coupons and keep you updated throughout your pregnancy with weekly baby tidbits. That was Mommie Tip #5 by the way.


3. Travel Gear. This stuff is pretty obvious. I opted for the infant car seat over the convertible ones. If you purchase a convertible car seat, you will need to purchase an insert for it to accommodate for the itty-bitty noggin your baby will have. When looking for car seats, make sure to get one that has a detachable base. This makes it much easier when loading baby in and out of the car. You install the base the first time you use the car seat, and after that, you just pop the seat in and out. No hassling with strapping it in every time. Now, for the diaper bag, get one that has tons of pockets and lots of room on the inside. It will come in handy as your diaper bag will turn into your I’ve-got-too-much-stuff-to-carry-a-purse bag. Also, get one in a cute pattern, that will go well with your wardrobe. You’ll be carrying this thing EVERYWHERE. Got to have something you’ll actually want to carry.


4. Changing Equipment. Obviously, add diapers to your registry! Diapers, diapers, and more diapers! I received so many diapers at my baby shower, I didn’t have to buy any for the first four months. (Did I mention I have twins?! That’s ALOT of diapers!) And with diapers come wipes. Lots and lots of wipes. Also nice to have a Diaper Genie so the smell of dirty diapers doesn’t take over your humble abode.

Mommie Tip #6: Join the rewards programs with Pampers and Huggies. Each box of diapers/wipes you buy has a rewards code on it. Enter it in to their rewards program website, and you receive points, which you can trade in for a wide-selection of goodies. More free stuff!!


5. Bathing Accessories. It’s great to add the Johnson & Johnson bathtime gift sets to your registry. They include everything you need for bathing baby. Also, hooded towels make it easy to dry baby head-to-toe, as they get cold really quickly. A baby tub is good to have as the baby grows, but, for now you can use a shallow plastic tub. They’ll give one to you when you leave the hospital. (Another money-saving mommie tip!! What’s that, number 7?!)


6. Clothes for Baby. Onesies will become your new best friend. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, striped, polka dotted–just get lots of onesies. That way you don’t have to do laundry every two days. When getting PJs, make sure to get the footed night sets with a zipper, not buttons. Trust me, when you’re up at 4 o’clock in the morning, you’ll thank me for that. And Swaddlers… Oh, they’ll be your second best friend! They come with velcro so it’s super simple to wrap baby up, nice and snug! They trick baby into feeling like they are back inside the womb, so they’ll sleep longer. Who knew!!


7. Health and Safety Items. A first aid kit will have everything you need. The one I picked up included a miniature bottle which made it easy to give medicine to my girls without them spitting it all out. Great to have! Saline spray and gas drops come in handy for congested babies, too.



Well Mom, that’s all I got for ya. This should help you with your registry planning! Feel free to add to my list! That’s what registries are for! Go ahead–Request that uber-cool baby spa with the detachable water hose! I hope you get it!


Did I forget something important? Know more money-saving tips for registry building?


Leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear the “must-have” items for other mommies! With Love, M&W.


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  1. August 22, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Great tips! I like that you kept it pretty simple though. And yes. More diapers! THat amazing you were stocked for FOUR Months with newborns twins! They go through so many in the beginning too. You have some good friends and family!
    Katelyn F recently posted…Staying Dry While Exercising – Poise MicrolinerMy Profile

    • August 22, 2014 at 8:07 am

      I know right! I still can’t believe it! Such a blessing! (I also made sure to include that we were accepting Pampers and Huggies on the invitation, as a little reminder) Haha! xChels

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