Happy Monday my good people! I have a special treat for you all today! It’s something that I’ve been excited about for a very LONG time!
If you’ve kept up with my past few posts, then you know I’m gung-ho for all things community when it comes to blogging. I’ve connected with so many great people and bloggers because of M&W. But, when I started this blog, I definitely was not expecting to become involved with a huge cyber support system for all my fellow Lupus warriors!
But, that’s exactly what happened and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
The SLE Foundation is one of the many organizations that I have looked towards for advances in research and continuing my hopes for a cure to Lupus. (You can find out more about Lupus HERE, and read my crazy lil’ Lupus testimony HERE.)
When I stumbled across The Lupus Loop, I was so eager to connect with my girl Allie, the SLE volunteer blogger behind TLL. On her blog, she shares posts about all things Lupus, her firsthand experiences, and tips for us all to live well with Lupus. But what I love most about her blog is her sense of community. She’s so inviting and excited to meet others with Lupus.
After talking to each other, and friending each other on social media ;) we decided to collab on this whole Lupus community thing. If you have Lupus or know someone who does, head on over to The Lupus Loop! Allie has such inspirational and useful posts, you’ll just LOVE her blog!

“My name is Allie Paradysz. I’m 24, attending Sarah Lawrence College for my masters in creative writing: nonfiction. I am a writer. I am a nationally ranked equestrian. I am an athlete. I am a blogger, philanthropist, sorority girl, a fashionista, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a best friend, a friend, a classmate, a stranger, the list goes on. Oh, and I’m living with Lupus.

I was diagnosed in early 2001 after a few weeks of uncertainty: common for the “testing period.” I was 12. Preteen, pre menstrual cycle, my body out of whack trying to change into adulthood, but fighting itself, the way Lupus usually does. I wish I could remember my reaction. I remember feeling sick around Christmas and waking up to a lump on my throat. Screaming to my parents that I had cancer, my dad took me to the pediatrician (turns out just a swollen gland) and was given penicillin. Well, my body had an allergic reaction, which landed me in the hospital-for the next 2 months! Finally, I was diagnosed with Lupus. Lupus Nephritis.

Confused and concerned, I never remember asking, “why me?” Instead, I asked, “How is this going to improve me?” Perhaps it’s my personality to never look at the glass as half empty. Maybe it’s who I am, or maybe it’s just that I never thought about it until I was older. 18 to be exact; when I went to college. I was on dialysis for 4 months and then had a kidney transplant. I was 21. Now, I’m better than I ever was. I maintain a healthy lifestyle- I work out 5-6 times a week, I eat well, I have a part-time job and go to school.

If there is one thing I believe in, it’s that everything happens for a reason. That we are given the life we are in because only we can handle it. I believe because I have Lupus, I have made others tougher. A good friend told me the other day that she thinks of me and what I went through daily. She uses me as a constant reminder that her own health concerns can be conquered.

Lupus has never, and will never define me, but it is a part of me. A part that pushes me to be stronger than I ever thought possible. A part of me that inspires others to show courage in difficult situations.”

Don’t you just love her?!
And while you’re creeping on her blog, we all do it!, check out the interview that she shared! She wanted to know more about managing Lupus and children, so I shared my thoughts on that.
lupus, SLE
And don’t forget to check out the SLE Foundation on the web!


If you’re interested in sharing your Lupus story, check out The Purple Spotlight and shoot me an email! I can’t wait yo hear from you! With Love, M&W!

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