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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Helpful Kitchen Addition for You

Are you looking for some upscale kitchen designs that can add a modern feel to your kitchen, being useful at the same time? If yes, then you’re in luck! We have picked out some of the most useful yet trendy kitchen additions which will not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but will amp up the functionality as well.


People are often found pondering over a question that, ‘what’s so special in an oven installed in a wall? Well, those who make several dishes at a time can easily understand the importance of an in-wall oven. There is no use placing an oven at a spot that is not easily accessible to the cook. This is where a wall oven comes in! An in-wall microwave not only provides quick access to the cook but it also makes more space on the countertops, reducing the clutter and maintaining the beauty of your kitchen.  There’s also something to be said for the extra elbow room that comes with having a range located away from the oven if you plan on preparing several foods at once. Another bonus: Wall ovens with more than one compartment can make baking multiple items at different temperatures far more convenient (and with the convection, steam, and rotisserie options available, possibly faster or even healthier, too!)


Homes are often built with spacious kitchens but not every home has extra closets or storage spaces. Pantries are considered as one of the most upscale kitchen designs these days, because they add the much needed extra space in the kitchen. Cabinets often fall short on space when it comes to storing each and every kitchen item and this is when homeowners turn to the kitchen pantry. Pantries are often considered as a storage space used for storing dry food items but the use of a kitchen pantry is not that limited. Rarely used supplies and kitchen appliances can also be stored in a pantry to prevent the items from cluttering on the countertops.


Homeowners don’t consider the ventilation system as a kitchen addition, but in reality, vents are among the most important and useful additions in home and must never be overlooked. The food cooked in our kitchens smells heavenly tempting at the very moment, but it might not seem healthy after a day or two. Lack of proper ventilation in kitchens is the main cause of bad odors all over the place. However, an efficient ventilation system can play a major role in eliminating the contaminants and odor from the kitchen, making the place all neat and healthy again.


The promises of the 1950’s have finally been fulfilled. With large capacities, serious cleaning power, and even separate compartments, today’s dishwashers are truly the time savers we’ve always dreamed about. With enough cleaning power to tackle even baked on food without scrubbing, everything you use to cook or eat can go directly in and come out clean. Even better, many newer dishwashers can provide all this while still being more energy-efficientthan the model you currently have!


For many homeowners, the path to pots and pans is full of obstacles and falling objects. The solution: get your cookware out of the cabinet and into plain view. A single large pot rack suspended over an island or several smaller racks placed around the room makes finding the right tool for the job less of a hassle and gives you more storage space, to boot. While wall mounted pot racks are generally a drop in the bucket, prices for hanging pot racks can get pretty expensive. However, in just a few minutes online, we found several options for under $100 (and even a few under $50).


A kitchen island is yet another useful kitchen addition that works best for increasing the counter space especially in smaller kitchens. A kitchen island can be used as a primary countertop for preparing food, while the other countertop can be utilized as a secondary option for placing all those kitchen appliances that are used on a regular basis such as the mixer, juicer, toaster etc. However, a kitchen island can also work as a seating area for your guests or a homework space for your kids.

Makeover Your Kitchen, Here Its Tips

In older homes, a room makeover is often necessary not just to improve appearances but to increase functionality as well. A room makeover can spruce up the look of a dingy den, but it could also make a living room or study more technology friendly. In no place in the home, however, does a room makeover make more sense than in a kitchen. Older kitchens often lack the space and storage that the modern kitchen requires, not to mention the amenities that many new homeowners take for granted.

Kitchen Makeovers for Appearance

When you already have all the things you want and need in your kitchen, a skin-deep change is often all that’s necessary.

Countertops are one place where a kitchen makeover can have a very noticeable effect, without the need to pull anything up or tear anything down. After years of use, countertops can look pretty sad; getting stained, stabbed, and sliced for decades can really take its toll. Many different countertop materials can be installed directly over the existing countertop in an hour or two. The measurements are taken, the material is decided upon, then the new counter is fashioned to slide right on with no mess or hassle.

Cabinets are what a kitchen makeover is all about. There are so many different cabinet options that you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and tastes. Even if you don’t replace the entire cabinet structure, some spiffy new doors and hardware can change the feel of the room for the better, without the high price or long labor.

Flooring is subjected to a lot of wear and tear, and it can get downright ugly after years of traffic. If you’re lucky enough to already have some good hardwood in your kitchen, you may want to have it stripped and refinished to enhance the look. Those dealing with a floor that’s beyond saving can, of course, install new linoleum, but a lot of modern homeowners are opting for laminate. It looks like wood, the performance, in many cases, is even better, and the price is significantly cheaper.

Kitchen Makeovers for Function

Rather than just scratching the surface, a functional kitchen makeover is often about pulling out and replacing appliances and fixtures. Many people find that one of the things they most want to replace in an old kitchen is the sink. With built in water filters, spray hoses, and wider (or multiple) basins, new sinks have far more options than their predecessors. They’ll also look nice, to boot!

Older kitchens are often missing dishwashers, which can be a big job to install if the room wasn’t designed to accommodate one. Old stoves are often unreliable and can’t properly perform the job they’re supposed to do. A new fridge (maybe one with an ice maker) is another common replacement. One of the greatest things about getting all new appliances is lower energy consumption. Those who use their kitchens a lot may very well notice a marked difference when the electric bill comes around.

Open Up and Update
Opt for open shelves instead of upper cabinets to provide display space and make a small kitchen feel larger. Install shelves at standard upper-cabinet height — the lower shelf is 18 inches above the counter.

Upgrade Your Appliances
The most popular kitchen update is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a high-tech range hood, an energy star certified refrigerator, and a water-saving paneled dishwasher.

Update Hardware
Add more personality with new cabinet hardware. Create a cohesive look with a mix of knobs and pulls in the same style family.

Don’t Ignore Ceilings
Add texture and a pop of color. Ceiling tiles made to mimic the look of antique tin tiles click together like laminate floor surfaces and can be painted to fit any color

Make a Splash
Classic white subway tile with a beveled edge is an inexpensive, yet high-impact, backsplash material. Use a herringbone pattern to add interest and movement to walls.

Counter Fit
Get the look and texture of stone with all the benefits of laminate. This travertine silver laminate with a bullnose edge looks like the real deal for a fraction of the price.

Paint It
Freshen up walls, cabinets, and ceilings with a coat of Valspar Signature paint. It’s one of the quickest, most budget-friendly updates.

Customize It
Laminate shelves mimic the look of the countertops. (Ask your countertop installer to make the shelves.) Add stylish metal brackets for support and to repeat the metallic tones found in the appliances, hardware, and faucet.

Rethink the Sink
This Kohler top-mount, apron-front sink is perfect for remodels — it requires only a rough cut to existing standard cabinetry, and can be paired with most countertop materials. Top it off with a Delta high-arc faucet featuring a hidden pull-down sprayer.

So Quiet
Install soft-close hinges and glides — and say goodbye to slamming doors and drawers.

Lighten It Up
Brighten your room with an allen + roth (TM) ceiling light, mini pendants, and under cabinet lighting.