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Feng Shui Kitchen, Here Its Tips

Kitchen Feng Shui is considered to be extremely important as kitchens are one of the most important gathering places for family and friends. If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel investment, taking a look at some of the guidelines for a Feng Shui kitchen might give you some interesting ideas for your home.

Materials for Kitchen Feng Shui
A Feng Shui ordered kitchen also deals with the actual materials that are found there. Where modern construction and decorating often uses hard corners and metal or synthetic materials, Feng Shui is characterized by rounded edges and natural materials that have been used for hundreds (even thousands) of years. If you are building from scratch, Feng Shui also has suggestions on where doors and running water should be placed.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tips for Organization
Though when most people think of Feng Shui, they imagine adding plants, mirrors, and the like, a lot of the discipline focuses not on adding to what you have, but improving the quality of what is already there. A clean environment is a harmonious environment, which is why Feng Shui teachings recommend that kitchen cabinets be spring-cleaned regularly, and should be well-organized, uncluttered, and easily accessible.

Get rid of all unnecessary clutter because it attracts stagnant chi. You should only have items in the kitchen that are used regularly and do not get in the way. This means that not only will you have easier access to the things you use often, but you’ll probably have more counter and storage space to work with, which will make preparing food and cleaning up easier. Certainly, you don’t have to throw away items that aren’t used often, but if you have an ice cream maker that you only use part of the year taking up valuable cabinet space, it might be a good idea to find a more suitable place to store it.

Things You Must Avoid :

  • Avoid placing kitchen near front door of home.
  • Avoid a kitchen at center of home.
  • Never have a kitchen under a toilet.
  • Avoid kitchen directly under a bedroom.
  • Avoid keeping soiled utensils and platform overnight.
  • Never have a kitchen in North-West of home; if there’s no option then paint the kitchen in blue or black color or change the floor tiles to black color.
  • Never place the stove directly in front of kitchen’s entrance door.
  • Never ever in any case keep gas stove/burner in North-West of kitchen.
  • Avoid kitchen door facing a bedroom, toilet or main door of your home; if there’s no option then place a partition or a sort of screen such that the stove isn’t visible from other doors.
  • Always avoid keeping gas stove under a beam; if there’s no option then make a false ceiling to solve this defect. Another – simpler and cost effective – remedy is to place or hang images of clouds, flying birds or a rising hot air balloon on the beam.
  • Make sure that the cook doesn’t have his/her back towards the door of kitchen; if there’s no option then place a mirror in such a way that the cook can see the kitchen’s door while cooking. However, make sure that the stove’s flames aren’t reflected in that mirror.
  • Make sure not to place kitchen’s entrance in any corners.
  • Never face west while cooking in kitchen; this may – and in many cases has – lead to severe health problems to the cook.
  • If the cook faces south while cooking then the family faces monetary losses.

Things You Must Follow :

  • Try to place the kitchen towards back door of the home.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered at all times.
  • Keep the kitchen well lit and ventilated.
  • Face east while cooking in kitchen.
  • You can have windows in East or West walls of kitchen.
  • Make sure to keep light weight things in East and North of kitchen.
  • You can have a sink in North or North-East of kitchen.
  • Keep the gas stove/burner a few inches away from wall.
  • Keep at least 1-2 feet distance between stove/burner and kitchen sink. If there’s no option then place small plants (Available in Amazon US, IN & CA), pot of herbs or something in green color between stove and sink. You can also place a green color decorative glass panel between stove and sink.
  • Point 9 applies for refrigerators too; you must keep 1-2 feet distance between stove and refrigerator in kitchen.
  • Repair all leaking taps and faucets in kitchen (or anywhere in your home) else that’ll drain away all money and wealth from the house.
  • You can place a dining table in North-West or West of kitchen (if your kitchen is huge).
  • Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as floor and wall colors of kitchen.

These were all the general guidelines that you must follow to have a feng shui compliant kitchen in your home.