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Earlier today, it hit me. This year is pretty much over! 7 days til Christmas and then we can kiss 2014 goodbye!
Where did the time go?!
Every year around this time, I’m super ‘reflection-y’. At work. As a blogger. Just in life! A couple days ago I shared my favorite posts from this year, so you got to see a little bit more about me. And now I’m turning the tables! I’m going to share with you your favorites from this year!

31 ways to live well with lupus. Tips from the S.L.E. Foundation | Mommie and Wee

[I attended an e-webinar and this gave me lifeeee! So many great tips for me and my fellow Lupies! And, the leader of the webinary found my blog and was beyond touched when she saw this post. <– That means I’m a big time blogger, right?!]

premie, premie mom, premature baby, premature babies

[Being a premie mom is tough, but what else is new?]

5 Reasons Why I DON'T Keep My Children on Social Media. A must read for new moms! | Mommie and Wee

[There’s a reason why I don’t post pictures of my girls every other second. They are pretty stickin’ cute, but um, no. Not this Mommie.]

Save money on groceries with coupons!! Easy tips from the self-proclaimed 'Coupon Queen' | Mommie and Wee

[I saved so much money couponing!! It’s seriously like my new hobby! And you can too, because I shared all the inside tips with you in this post!! So, get to clippin’!]


I think it’s so funny that the posts I don’t think too much of are the ones that are your favorites, and the ones I love aren’t as popular! Ironic much?
Since we are reminiscing, I might as well talk about next year too! One goal I have for the upcoming year is to devote more time to my beautiful blogging space and make each and every post genuine and better than the last! This time next year, I’ll have even more of your favorites to choose from! Ahh, yay for growth!


What are your end of the year tasks?


P.S. I’ll be sharing my goal planning tips later this week, and I don’t know if you love organization as much as I do, but you should be excited! Until next time my loves! xo Chels


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