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So, I’ve always wanted to ask this question…how long is too long to leave your Christmas decorations up? Is it really tacky to leave them up the day after Christmas, or is it ok to leave them up after New Year’s Day? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I believe that you can leave your decorations up until the middle of January. The coming of the Kings is celebrated on January 6, which is when the Magi visited the manger. There’s really no reason to rush the season, as this is the most beautiful time of the year, so let’s remember the reason for the season and continue to celebrate in the same spirit.
I know some of you won’t agree with me, but that’s ok! You have to do what’s right for you and that’s perfectly fine with me, but for me, I”ll continue celebrating the season just a little longer. Try it you might like it, it just might change your outlook on things…people tend to rush through life and forget to appreciate it!
Let’s start the New Year off together, appreciating life, family, friends and lets not forget about those who are less fortunate than we are!

Happy New Year

So guys, how did you like that post?? Wasn’t it great?! Well, say hello to today’ guest blogger from TheExperience-SweetEndings. Her blog isn’t live just yet (that’s why there’s no link) but she’s a friend of mine my mom so I wanted to share a little preview with you guys, my closest pals! You’ll see more of her around here soon I’m sure, so get excited! xo Chels


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setting my goals for 2015live what you lovesetting goals for 2015

It’s the Saturday after Christmas already?! This year is literally flying by! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, but I think it’s about time we start talking about 2015!
But, before we get to that, I have a confession.
When I write my posts, I always always ALWAYS write them in text first. Like, really, I pull out my phone like I’m bout to gab with my best friend and start texting away! Of course I don’t send it to anybody, but I’m pretty much having a convo with myself until I get everything off my chest.
But today, I’m writing from my Mac. It feels sooo weird! I usually text-write so I can have my ‘normal’ voice, like if I was sitting across from you while we grabbed lunch at my new favorite.. Kona Grill. So, I’m hoping my Mac conversing will be convincing enough. Eek!
But really though, have you guys seen the ‘walking into 2015′ images all over your Twitter feed these days. I swear the day after Christmas is just ‘PSA: I’m gonna be a new me in ___, but not really’ day.
Everybody seems to be all talk.
Well, not this chica. And, hopefully not you either!
This year, I sat long and hard reflecting on 2014. What I could’ve done better. What I should keep doing. Where I want to be in 2015… how to get there. And, I put all of that on paper.
For me, 2015 is all about the #GSD state of mind. Get. Sh Stuff. Done. As a mom, in my career, on my blog! (I’ll share a complete new post for my blog goals, or else we will be here all day!)
So, I created this handy dandy #NOWANDTHEN Goal Planning Sheet for 2015, and I’m mad I didn’t do it sooner!! It really did help me to organize my thoughts, my goals, my life. Pretty much everything. You can help yourself to the sheet here, and start working on your goals for the new year… and beyond!

free goal planning sheet printable

If you’ve been around here before (or even read my blog name), then you know I’m a mom. Of twins. So, to say I don’t have the time is a complete understatement. That’s why I absolutely love this printable. Straight forward and easy to use, and you can totally customize it to fit your needs!


So, what are your goals for the new year? Are you all about the ‘new year, new me’ idea?


Definitely download the printable. I’m telling you, it’ll help a tonnn! And don’t forget to check back for my blogging goals for 2015 and let me know how you like the goal sheet, because I think I’m in love!! xo Chels

motivation, be awesome

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christmas cards

“What if Christmas, he thought, didn’t come from a store. What if Christmas perhaps means a little bit more!” -Dr. Seuss


The feeling I got when I saw this year’s Christmas cards… literally unreal. It’s our First Christmas!! Well, not mine, but ours as a fam-bam.
I shared with you that I was looking for the perfect design for this epic occasion. I also shared our ammmmmazzzzing Christmas photoshoot in that post, so goooo check it out! Stat. But as I was saying, this is a HUGE deal!! (Big J disagrees, of course. Hah!) But seriously, this is the very first Christmas. First joyous memories. This is beautiful. I don’t care what he says!
Can you tell I’m a bit excited?
So when I asked LivToCreate Designs to create something special for me, I knew I was in the right hands! If a picture says a million words, these Christmas cards say 492743023978268.
And sending them out is half the fun! Call me crazy, but I was high-key excited to sit down with my cup o’ nog (while watching 25 days of Christmas on ABC #tradition) to sign and address dozens of cards. Presh!

baby toes

What are your favorite holiday traditions?


A little fun fact bout me: I’m such a little kid when it comes to Christmas and all it’s shenanigans. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!! T minus 2 days! Eeeekkk! xo Chels


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Lately, I’ve been on this ‘fixer-upper’ deal where I’m trying to make something out of nothing. I’m not sure if it’s because Christmas is literally right around the corner and I want to make our apartment feel more like a home, or because I feel like after moving to a bigger place everything feels empty because we don’t have enough furniture to fill it out. Either way, it’s been DIY central at the house of M&W.
My latest project was this side table.


I’ve been having it ever since I moved out of the rents’ house (they let me take it with me) and I just haven’t found a good use for it. 1) It’s not my style. Too traditional. I’m more contemporary. 2) It’s awkwardly tall. It’s too tall to be a side table, too small to be a coffee table, an entry table maybe? But, I want something more grandeur for that. (I just love that word… ‘grandeur’. So chic! *as I raise my pinky*)
So, I grabbed some chalky paint because everybody has been talking about it. I figured it must be good, and I loved the color. Turquoise, yes please!


A couple coats later, and ba-bam! Turquoise heaven!

I added some holiday ornaments because I mean, duh! Who doesn’t love the feel of Christmas?! I just love the warmth of these flowers too! Adding cranberries to the vase just gave it the holiday pizazzle that I wanted. Ugh, so cozy.


And, I made this super easy banner to adorn the wall because it looked pretty bare. #newapartmentprobz

banner diy collage

I think this is my new favorite corner in our home. It just gives me Christmas lifeeee!


What have you done around the house to amp up the Christmas spirit?


Sidenote: I apologize for the dim lighting in these pics! The winter sun is not the best for taking photos, especially with a point-and-shoot. If you have any tips for using a PAS and making your photos have SLR quality, let me knowwww! If that’s even possible… xo Chels

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best of 2014

Earlier today, it hit me. This year is pretty much over! 7 days til Christmas and then we can kiss 2014 goodbye!
Where did the time go?!
Every year around this time, I’m super ‘reflection-y’. At work. As a blogger. Just in life! A couple days ago I shared my favorite posts from this year, so you got to see a little bit more about me. And now I’m turning the tables! I’m going to share with you your favorites from this year!

31 ways to live well with lupus. Tips from the S.L.E. Foundation | Mommie and Wee

[I attended an e-webinar and this gave me lifeeee! So many great tips for me and my fellow Lupies! And, the leader of the webinary found my blog and was beyond touched when she saw this post. <– That means I’m a big time blogger, right?!]

premie, premie mom, premature baby, premature babies

[Being a premie mom is tough, but what else is new?]

5 Reasons Why I DON'T Keep My Children on Social Media. A must read for new moms! | Mommie and Wee

[There’s a reason why I don’t post pictures of my girls every other second. They are pretty stickin’ cute, but um, no. Not this Mommie.]

Save money on groceries with coupons!! Easy tips from the self-proclaimed 'Coupon Queen' | Mommie and Wee

[I saved so much money couponing!! It’s seriously like my new hobby! And you can too, because I shared all the inside tips with you in this post!! So, get to clippin’!]


I think it’s so funny that the posts I don’t think too much of are the ones that are your favorites, and the ones I love aren’t as popular! Ironic much?
Since we are reminiscing, I might as well talk about next year too! One goal I have for the upcoming year is to devote more time to my beautiful blogging space and make each and every post genuine and better than the last! This time next year, I’ll have even more of your favorites to choose from! Ahh, yay for growth!


What are your end of the year tasks?


P.S. I’ll be sharing my goal planning tips later this week, and I don’t know if you love organization as much as I do, but you should be excited! Until next time my loves! xo Chels


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2014 favorites

Do you remember having to do those evaluation papers in high school? I dreaded them soooooooo much. I couldn’t see the point. But now?! I evaluate everything! I really believe that you should know where you did well and where you messed up if you ever want to get any better. No matter what situation.
Since it’s the end of the year, and I’m a bloggerrrr, it’s pretty much expected for me to do a little recap…
and, that’s exactly what I’m doing!
Top Left || My Journey to Mothers-ville. What mom doesn’t love showing off their kiddos, and the story that brought them here. I’m basking in all the glory of new motherhood, and I’m not one bit ashamed. And, our story is what gives me the motivation to be an advocate for Lupus. It’s definitely worth sharing.
Top Right || Peachy-Pineappleade Popsicles. Umm I’m so over this winter weather. I’m a summer lovin’ girl, and these popsicles are every reason why. I was just stumbling around in the kitchen with leftovers, and boom. This heavenly concoction was created. #epic
Bottom Right || 20 Something Scriptures Every 20 Something Should Know. I’m so in love with this post. 1. I’m so in love with Eat Drink and Be Mary… the blog that I wrote this post for. 2. I’m so in love with being a 20-something. 3. I’m so in love with my growing relationship with God. This was one of the most honest, helpful posts that I’ve written.
Bottom Left || 10 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone With Lupus. I live by this post daily. I wish I could just print this out and stick it on my forehead for everyone to see! But, since I can’t (that’d be a little awkward) I figured I should share it here.


What about you? Which posts are your favorite from this year?


Comment and LMK! Share your favorites from M&W or other bloggers! I need some new blogs to stalk! K thankssss! xo Chels

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